After looking at many different home automation systems we have decided that Control 4 Automation equipment offers the best of pricing and ease of use. With Control 4 you it is as easy as using your television. Seriously, it has an onscreen display that shows up on your television. You can control everything from the lights in great room to the music that is playing on the back porch. It also provides you with the ability to connect to your home remotely to turn on and off lights or even start the music before you get home. Control 4 can also help give you peace of mind. Say for instance, you know that your kids arrive home from school at 3:30pm every day. With Control 4 if they come home and disarm the security system with their code Control 4 can send you an email at work notifying you that your kids are home. You can also help out the environment with Control 4. It will help you turn your home into "Green Home". Thermostats connected to the system will allow you to intelligently control heating and cooling by automatically adjusting the temperature for you.
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